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Being Purple

Purple people are some 200 happy souls working mostly around Brno with random appearances in other global locations. They can be identified by a sense of humour, crazy ideas, or readiness to take responsibility, work hard, have fun and create excellent services.

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Responsibility & Freedom

We have a motto: “More responsibility gives more freedom”. This means however responsible you are, equals how much freedom you can enjoy. Being responsible is not just about getting to the finish line, nor how fast you get there, but how you get there. Be strategic, be thrifty, be savvy and make sure what you are doing makes sense. Because we trust you to be responsible, there usually isn’t a problem to design work around your life and your colleagues. We’re open to you working at any time, place, or way that suits your individual needs and role. Work from home because you prefer or need to? Sure. Work from abroad so you can stay longer after a vacation. Yes. Need to pick up a friend from hospital or kids from school? Absolutely. Prefer to start at noon and work late? None of this is a problem if you don't influence your teammates in a bad way. Performance and results are important for us. Once you make a promise to deliver, we believe that you will keep your word.



We treat others the way we want to be treated. We strive to be friendly, human, humble, supportive, and understanding, both towards clients, partners and to one another. You will notice small acts of kindness around the office each day; like being offered a delicious snack from someone’s weekend getaway on Monday, a slice of homemade birthday cake on Tuesday or french style pancakes on Wednesday. We enjoy coming to the office simply because we look forward to seeing our smiling colleagues. Plus we like spending time together outside the office to enjoy beers, sports, weekend activities as well as corporate events, like our company’s anniversary, Thanksgiving and Christmas parties, plus a week by the sea at our annual summer remote office.



In our office, you won’t be able to tell a co-founder apart from someone who joined the team just days ago. The same fair, open-minded, transparent, and honest treatment is given to all Purple souls. Fresh fruits, good coffee, company gym, sauna, and a lot of other benefits to choose from, these are always the same for everyone. Just like tidying up the meeting room after yourself or putting the dishes into the dishwasher. When we cooperate with people, we want to find a solution which is beneficial for all parties, easy money and quick wins are not what we look for. We seek long term and meaningful cooperation.



As a company, a team or an individual player, we must be flexible, agile, ready to change and adapt. Sometimes it means we have to do something unpredictable, and no matter the circumstance, we jump on it and get it done. Flexibility hasn’t just allowed us to grow but also rescued us when we’ve encountered tough times in the past. Despite our best efforts, we know tough times may come again. We learn from mistakes and take every opportunity to improve. We are resilient and we are ready to roll up our sleeves and do it all over again.



We got to where we are today because we always try to find solutions, not excuses why it cannot be done. We have the drive to succeed globally, expanding far and wide from the roots of our home Czecho-Slovak, European Markets. Our team has more than doubled in size over the past two years and quadrupled over the past four. This fast-paced growth makes it critical that we are always willing to help colleagues with their work. We tend to be goal-oriented, self-developing, proactive and reliable business partners striving for mastery. We make sure that everyone we welcome onboard whether from Japan, Belize, Cyprus, U.A.E or anywhere else around the world shares that drive.

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Nothing that fits you well?

We are always looking for a new Purple colleague. We are always looking for a new Purple colleague. When considering a new buddy, we first look at the cultural fit - is s/he Purple, will we simply enjoy being together, is there the energy? Second, we look at capabilities and competencies. Being team-fit and capable are both important. Yet we never hire a capable superhero if we don’t like the guy. So if you think you would fit into our Purple team both as a friend and as an expert who is willing to roll up your sleeves and move things forward, please do get in touch. We’ll write/call back, we promise.

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