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Being Purple

Purple people are some 100 happy souls working mostly around Brno with random appearances in other global locations. They can be identified by a sense of humor, crazy ideas, or readiness to take responsibility, work hard, have fun and create excellent services.

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We design work around life. Feel free working any time, place, or way that suits your individual needs. Work from home because you prefer or need to? Sure. Work from abroad when you stay longer after vacation. Yes. Prefer to start at noon and work late? Need to pick up a friend from hospital or kids from school? Absolutely. Choose any notebook or phone you like? Tak určitě. We believe that giving freedom and trust brings responsibility and respect towards the team.



We treat others the way we want to be treated. We strive to be friendly, human, humble, supportive, and understanding, both towards clients and to each other. You will notice little acts of kindness around the office each day - like tasting a delicious chocolate yesterday, home made sli****ce today (now you know why we need the megaphone), or french style pancakes tomorrow. We enjoy coming to the office simply because we look forward to see smiling colleagues. Plus we like spending time together outside office - beers, sport weekends, anniversary, thanksgiving, or Christmas parties, plus the summer remote office week by the sea.



You won't be able to tell who is a support representative and who is a co-founder in the office. Same fair, open-minded, transparent, and honest treatment to all Purple souls. Fresh fruits, good coffee, company gym, sauna, and a lot to choose from benefits cafeteria - these are same for everyone. Just like tidying up the meeting room after yourself or putting the dishes into the dishwasher.



When it comes to fintech products we create, we love to preserve some of our startup agility and come with innovative, simple, modern, efficient solutions. Both when designing products for our B2B clients and services for their end customers.



Japan, Singapore, Middle East, Cyprus or Central America … we have the drive to succeed globally, long expanding outside our home Czecho-Slovak, European markets… we doubled our team over past two years and quadrupled over the past four. We tend to be goal oriented, self-developing, proactive, and reliable business partners striving for mastery. BTW, the above five values is what defines us, what defines our Purple way.

Open Roles

Javascript Developer

Our WebTech team designs, develops and manages broker services and applications. This way we facilitate interaction with our clients and reduce the work of a broker's employees. For instance, we develop a web and mobile version of the client zone for managing accounts, deposits and withdrawals (think "internet banking"). We also automate processes like opening new accounts, depositing funds and other things that help make work simple. If there is any free time left, we play with the slackbots to make our lives easier. ;)
Our vision is to be a good partner for brokers and create a modern and efficient environment for their clients and employees. We base all on a flexible team of Full-Stack Javascript developers and use AWS, Serverless, GraphQL, and React.  

What will you work on

If you are experienced, you can expect:
  • Development of a new serverless backend (AWS Lambda, AWS Step Functions).
  • Creating GraphQL API for specific applications.
  • Creating a new React app that will help our team manage user and requirements.
  • Developing applications for clients and building their mobile versions.
  • Developing websites written in React.
If you want to grow, you can expect at the beginning:
  • Writing specific lambda functions to help automate our processes.
  • Creating forms using our own React tool.
  • Linking external systems.
  • We'll show you everything. You will learn to use modern technology through small tasks.
  • And if everything goes well, you will be able to move forward in a course of a year and work on bigger applications.

We develop with:

  • Javascript ES 6/7
  • NodeJS
  • React, React Native
  • GraphQL, REST API
  • PostgreSQL, MongoDB, AWS Lambda
  • HTML5, CSS
  • + anything else if it works
  • We work agilely and use Trello and Github for development
What's important to us is your attitude, desire to move forward and learn new things. It does not matter if you are not skilled in everything mentioned above. You will become a part of our team, but at the same time, we will give you space to work independently. You can expect to get a separate assignment and it will be up to you to come up with the best possible solution.

Who are we?

We are a young team with a desire to show the whole world that a Czech company from Brno has its place in the international business. We are innovating the financial world, trying to change the status quo and inspire competition. People are what matters most to us and the groundwork of our entrepreneurship which grows profitably. We can work as a team and have a lot of fun during the day, but we also solve problems, work hard and respect each other. We are open with each other and strict working hours are not our style - everyone knows what their job is and how much time they need to devote it. We prefer project management style to a hierarchical one and we also have nice offices in the center, our own gym, sauna, etc.   Get to know us better at the Company Culture Market: (in Czech)

Are you ready for the adventure?

Please send us at few lines about your motivation or passions and attach your CV.

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Japanese FX Customer Care Leader

Our company and its affiliates operate on the online Forex markets. Since a big part of our business partners are located in Asia we are looking for a new colleague who would manage our Japanese customer care team.

Job description:

  • Managing Japanese support desk team -  6 members (senior and junior)
  • Supporting team members and advising them on how to deal with customers’ requests
  • Hands-on involvement in day to day operations
  • Managing ad-hoc situation within a team and with other departments
  • Quality control including team members work and system related processes


  • Fluent level of Japanese language required, preferably native speaker
  • Fluent level of English language both written and spoken
  • Previous experience with providing support to Japanese clients (polite communication)
  • Leadership skills
    • experience in leading a small team between 6 -15 people (at least 2 years)
    • openness to softer western style leadership and management
  • Previous experience from Forex brokerage is a must (at least 2 years)
  • Analytical and tech thinking
  • Openness to relocate to the Czech Republic
  • Has experience with working inside and outside of Japanese environment (Europe or US)
  • Openness to work with remote office team members (some members are physically in office, some are in different time zones)
  • Being open to work with a non JP team - with western team culture
  • Ability to make decisions and react fast
  • Pro-client approach
  • Open-mindedness

We offer:

  • 4 weeks vacancy + sick days
  • Possibility of home office or remote office
  • Electro-budget from which you can buy electronics you need for work
  • Budget for education - you can attend courses related to your work, we also offer English courses in the office or Czech courses, if you are interested in the Czech language
  • Coverage of travel expenses related to relocation to the Czech Republic
  • Help with the work permit process, coverage of accommodation for first two weeks and help with searching for permanent accommodation
  • Assistant who will help you with anything related to work conditions and also personal things - transport tickets, anything related to your accommodation etc.


  • Depends on the experience of the candidate but adequate to the responsibilities
  • Variable bonuses - based on pre-defined goals + work ethic and flow + on the actual results of the business unit.
  • Social and health insurance is covered by employer

Are you ready for the adventure?

Please send us at few lines about your motivation or passions and attach your CV.

By applying to the job advertisement you give Purple Technology s.r.o. consent for processing and storing of the personal data provided by you.

C# Developer

FinTech tým zaštiťuje kompletní správu obchodních serverů – v současnosti (MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, cTrader a ProTrader) a programování podpůrných služeb a systémů postavených nad API těchto serverů. Přes deset let práce s FX technologiemi nám poskytuje dostatek zkušeností na vyřešení všech problémů, se kterými se my i naši klienti setkáváme. Hledáme nového člena našeho brněnského týmu, který nám pomůže s desktopovými aplikacemi (napůl služby, napůl GUI). Chceme člověka, který už má něco za sebou a není začátečník.


  • VisualStudio 2017, C#
  • Entity Framework, REST API
  • PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • Github, Azure DevOps, Gantt
  • + cokoliv dalšího, pokud to pomůže


Většina našich projektů je spojena s tematikou obchodování na Forexu. Budeš například pracovat na programu, který v realtime agreguje data z několika nejpopulárnějších obchodních platforem na světě, která potom využívají naše další týmy, přes komplexní realtime monitorovací systém hlídající všechny kritické body, až po exekuční engine, který bude napojen s našimi poskytovateli likvidity pomocí FIX protokolu, což je standard pro mezibankovní obchodování.

Práce tu je ale mnohem víc, tyto projekty budou jen na rozjezd. S tebou bude mít tým 4 lidi, takže žádný korporát.


Nebudeme si tu vypisovat odrážky s několika body a trvat na nich. Rámcově by ti měly dost říkat vícevláknové, dobře škálovatelné aplikace a neměl bys mít problém takové aplikace vytvářet. Měl by sis umět poradit, pokud bude program limitován buď nízkou dostupnou pamětí nebo nutností co nejrychlejšího vykonání (přece jenom realtime by mělo opravdu znamenat realtime). Když přijde situace, kdy se budeme muset rozhodnout, jestli jít cestou relačních DB nebo NoSQL, budeme od tebe očekávat pomoc s výběrem a návrhem. Všechno bude samozřejmě potřeba pečlivě otestovat, přece jenom většina z programů musí běžet 24/7 a jakákoliv chyba může mít velice negativní dopad.


Jsme mladý tým s chutí ukázat celému světu, že česká firma z Brna se může prosadit v mezinárodním businessu. Inovujeme finanční svět, snažíme se měnit status quo a inspirujeme konkurenci. Lidé jsou pro nás to, na čem záleží nejvíc, a budujeme na tom naše podnikání. Podnikání, které profitabilně roste. Umíme táhnout za jeden provaz a během dne zažíváme srandu, ale také řešíme krize, musíme pořádně makat a respektovat se navzájem. Máme mezi sebou otevřené vztahy a nezastáváme striktní pracovní dobu - každý ví, na čem má pracovat a kolik času je tomu třeba věnovat. Máme raději projektový styl řízení než hierarchický. A taky máme fajn kancly v centru, vlastní fitko, saunu, a tak... Poznej nás trošku blíž skrze náš profil na Company Culture Market

Are you ready for the adventure?

Please send us at few lines about your motivation or passions and attach your CV.

By applying to the job advertisement you give Purple Technology s.r.o. consent for processing and storing of the personal data provided by you.

Nothing that fits you well?

We are always looking for a new Purple colleague. When considering a new buddy, we first look at the cultural fit - is s/he Purple, will we simply enjoy being together, is there the energy? Second we look at capabilities and competencies. Being likeable and capable are both important. Yet we never hire capable superhero if we don't like the guy. So if you think you would fit into our Purple band both as a friend and as an expert who gets s***t done, please do get in touch. We'll write / call back, we promise.

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